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Merchandising La Boqueria

Take a small piece of theBoqueriahome with you.

Are you fond of cooking?  Do you own a collection of aprons that a Michelin Star chef would like to own? Would you like to add the Boqueria apron to your collection? All you have to do is visit our Information Point where you will find different designs from which to choose the one that best adapts to your style.

During your visit, be sure to have a look at our selection of cookery books that containrecipes prepared by our traders. These include La Moianesa’s creole-style shoulder of pork,BarrachinaLauma’slambin truffle sauce, SoleyBoqueria’s smoked mushrooms or the codfish with spinach and honey served byBonsÀpats, as well as recipes for salads, pasta, ingredients with flowers and pairing of drinks and tapas.

If you need to give someone a gift, we have many gift suggestions: mugs, bags, kitchen cloths, magnets and even socks! Be sure to visit this section of our website from time to time, to keep abreast of all our news.

For example, this pack containing an apron, socks, a bag, a mug, a magnet and a badge with a photograph by the firm Cha-Cha, so that you can see every part of LaBoqueria between breakfast and supper. Prices range from €10 (apron and socks) and€1 (badge), to €6 for the mug, €4 for the bag and €2 for the magnet.

pencils of the Boqueria
Textile merchandising of the boqueria